A Bittersweet Closing

It's over... just.. over.

I try to summarize these 4 years, but nothing comes to mind. Nada, none, zilch. There's too much to say, too much to reflect upon. I remember the overwhelming energy of SHAD, the torrential insanity of university applications, the never ending stream of stress and relief and despair and happiness that was high school. Like my chemistry exam, there's just too much for me to process. How could I possibly fit 4 years into one measly, little blog post?

Looking back, I'm hit by an irony that is too great to not tell. After all this time, I still have no freaking clue what my purpose for going to High School was. Don't get me wrong, it's been great and I've learnt a lot - but was there really any one thing I got from high school that I couldn't have gotten anywhere else?

Certainly not the education, what with Khan Academy and the likes making learning anything a simple reality. Heck, there were times when I went to Khan Academy to relearn something I didn't get in class!

MFW I read my textbook

MFW I read my textbook

Then, perhaps, it was the resources. But, wait, how many times have I complained about the lackluster experience that is school technology? From never-loading computers to Moodle (a classroom notes and handouts site) going down before major assessments, little positive can be said about the resources that the school provided me with. Well, I guess they did have a rather comprehensive hardware lab.

No, it was the people that made high school worth it. I remember the eccentric teachers, supportive guidance department, and incredible friends. It's not the education that makes us rank so high, it's the people. A concentration of talent and passion leads to a concentration of amazing results. Simple as that.

To my family, thank you. I know I've been a real hassle these 4 years, and I know I've annoyed you to kingdom come. Yet, despite all this, you continued to support me, to love me, to make me lunches every day despite my pleas for soylent. But there is hope. Mom, I endeavor to learn how to make those delicious sandwiches of yours over the summer.

To my friends, thank you. Y'all taught me how to pass chemistry, how to survive fire alarms at 2 in the morning, and, most importantly, how to be social. Seriously, when I began high school I hadn't a clue how to make friends properly. I mean, when you meet someone do you say hi or do you give them a handshake? If so, how hard should you squeeze their hand? What if their hand is oily from KFC? It would not be a joke to say that the hardest class I've had throughout all of high school was "Friendship 101". Every one of you are awesome.

To my teachers (who probably aren't reading this), thank you. From demonstrating how to find the volume of a donut to exemplifying why students excel at making parachutes, your influence has not gone unnoticed. Nowhere else have I met such a brilliant group of people who care so much for their students. There really is something special about our school, and it's you teachers that make it so.

And, of course, to the one who inspired me, who guided me, who's undeniable spirit shone light upon my darkest days, thank you. Thank you for showing me how to sleep in the snow, how to arch over backwards (sorta), how to wake somebody up with one, single noun. I could not have wished for a better (albeit unwitting) mentor, companion, and ultimate friend. You know who you are.

Friends, family, teachers, fellow peers, thank you. I came into high school confused - a bumbling, stumbling duck with no direction nor purpose. It was on this goofy foot that I began my journey, our journey, of inspiring and being inspired. It was you who lent me my great ideas, who showed the way to a better and brighter future. It is we who will make this future a reality for generations to come.

It is we. I am sure of it.