Post-Midtermania: 1st Edition

"Why is math so hard?" I hear my friend yell as he stumbles down the stairs, comically bumping into a supporting pole in the process. "Yeah, at least you got the answer", I think. I look down - my freshly-marked midterm looks back up at me condescendingly.

You know, this post was originally supposed to start off differently. The title used to be, and I quote, "University isn't about friendship or learning. It's about keeping your f**king sanity." But I held off, promising I would come back to it later AFTER I got my midterm results. And, boy, were those midterm results... fun. There were "yes!" moments, "oh no!" moments, and, of course, "this curve makes me a boosted animal" moments. But, above all, there were "I'm glad I didn't go through this alone" moments.

University/College has been uniquely counterintuitive in this respect. On one hand, you're locking yourself in your room for hours at a time doing math assignments. On the other, you're constantly seeking ways to get out of said room and into the world - the irony of giving up on math homework to play card-based math games (163 anyone??) was never lost of me. Yet, somehow, we all made it through (relatively?) unscathed. Together.

Thinking back to high school, I finally understand what my computer engineering teacher meant when he told me the challenges of University would be so much fun. I mean, sure, certain assignments from a certain professor of mine are at least partially responsible for driving me to the edge of insanity at times. But, you know what, I don't blame them. In the end, I, and the rest of my friends, came out smarter, stronger, and better prepared to face the world of... assignments :).

So as I sit here relishing in my friend's piano playing (and procrastinating a certain assignment from a certain professor), I am struck by just how lucky I and, really, all of us are. Sure, we're passing through hell together. Sure, we're crying together and laughing together and falling asleep doing math together. And, sure, we're probably going insane together. But you know what? We are there for each other - day in and day out. So long as I know that's true, I know we're going to make it through.

I know it. I really do.